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Hunting season  is just around the corner.

The WEST ZONE splits include

Nov. 14-Dec. 6

Dec. 19-Jan. 24 

Nov. 7 and Jan. 30  (YOUTH ONLY WEEKEND)


The EAST ZONE splits include

Nov. 21-Dec. 6

Dec. 19-Jan. 31

Nov. 14 and Feb. 6  (YOUTH ONLY WEEKEND)


The COASTAL ZONE splits include

Nov. 7 – Dec. 6

Dec. 19-Jan. 17

Oct. 31-Nov. 1  (YOUTH ONLY WEEKEND)



Migratory Game Bird Schedules
Shooting Hours
1. Teal, Rail, Gallinule, Snipe and Woodcock: One-Half Hour before sunrise to sunset.
2. Mourning Dove: One-Half Hour before sunrise to sunset
EXCEPT for opening day of the first split on WMAs and LDWF leased dove fields where shooting hours will be 12 p.m. (noon) to sunset.

DUCK SEASON 2015 - 2016

daily bag limit of six (6) 


TEAL SEASON 2015 - 2016

Sept. 12 - 27

Blue-winged, green-winged and cinnamon teal

daily bag limit of six (6)


The daily bag limit on ducks is six, and may include no more than four mallards (no more than two of which may be females), two canvasbacks, one mottled duck, one black duck, three wood ducks, three scaup, two redheads and two pintails.



GOOSE SEASON 2015 - 2016

Nov 12 - Dec 04

Dec 17 - Feb 05

Snows -- Daily Bag
Limit - 20

White Front -- Daily Bag Limit - 2 

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